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Social networking is the top online activity worldwide, accounting for 1 of every 5 online visits.

Social media use is now more influential than ever, with over 72% of all internet users being active on 2 or more networks. This makes social media integration crucial for the success of your promotion. A social component helps get the word out about your sweepstakes or contest while making it easy for others to generate awareness for you.

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Our Social Offerings Include:

Compliance assurance
Public voting
Hashtag management

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Spread the Word

Spread the Word

A social media sweepstakes program integrates with social media platforms to provide your participants flexibility in accessing and interacting with your promotion. By providing various options for entry, you appeal to users more positively, which helps to increase your entry rate. Instead of only reaching out via mail or email, you’re able to create a promotion that moves fluidly across social channels while reaching wider audiences.

American Sweepstakes offers applications that enable you to get a promotion up and running on a variety of social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. When your participants can easily share your promotion with their friends, the word spreads faster and farther.

Grow Your Brand

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Grow Your Brand

Because social channels like Twitter and Instagram thrive on hashtags, they allow you to make following a requirement to enter a hashtag promotion. This is an effective way to gain followers, which in turn can lead to opportunities for great user-generated content. By asking followers to interact with your brand by using a specific hashtag or posting photos or videos for a chance to win, you’ll progressively build more followers and create a strong social presence.

Our goal is to help you reach a wider audience and grow engagement, and we do it in a way that is natural, effective, and platform-compliant. We have years of experience running social media sweepstakes, and our team stays up-to-date with changes in guidelines and policies for social promotions. And, as with all of the sweepstakes and contests we oversee, we adhere to all applicable state laws and regulations.

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You can just start a contest and share it on Facebook, right? Wrong. Facebook’s promotional policies are updated often – and it falls on you to make sure it’s lawfully operated. Partner with us to ensure your promotion is compliant.



Ready to grow your brand and increase engagement? Research shows accounts that run contests on Instagram grow 70% faster over the course of three months than accounts that don’t. We’ll help you get started today.



Twitter promotions offer increased engagement. If done right, virality will do the work for you, making others WANT to participate. Let us help you reach your target audience and gain valuable user-generated content.

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