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One of the most common platforms used to run promotions is Facebook. While many may think they can just take a sweepstakes or contest run elsewhere and share it on Facebook, this is not the case. Facebook has numerous policies on how they do/do not support contests and sweepstakes, and they update these policies often. Lucky for you, it’s our job to stay in the know about these updates, so we’ll never set up a promotion that’s not in compliance.

According to Facebook, if you decide to use their platform to communicate/administer a contest or sweepstake, you are responsible for the lawful operation of the promotion. This includes:

  • Official rules
  • Offer terms and eligibility requirements
  • Compliance with applicable rules and regulations governing the promotion and all prizes offered
  • Registration, bonding, and obtaining any other necessary regulatory approvals
  • A complete release of Facebook by each entrant or participant
  • Acknowledgment that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook

Facebook is very insistent that they will not assist you in the administration of your sweepstake or contest, and you agree that if you use their service to administer your promotion, you do so at your own risk. It can feel overwhelming to take on all that responsibility, so American is here to take some of that stress away. We manage social promotions every single day and know the rules inside and out. Unlike Facebook, we will gladly assist you in every way we can at absolutely no risk to you or your business.

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American Sweepstakes does an excellent job for us. The crew is very responsive
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and effectively. Thank you for all you do for us!

Ana Potgoreanu, Director, Events & Operations

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