Sweepstakes vs. Contests

Not sure if you should run a sweepstakes or a contest?

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Sweepstakes can help create awareness and excitement around a brand or company and help to reach the desired objectives by just running on their own or acting as an overlay to an integrated marketing program. They are highly measurable and can be very effective when integrated with the right incentive. An effective sweepstakes will not only offer the chance to win great prizes, but will also build your brand and its base.

Why Run a Sweepstakes?

  • To build your database: entries capture user information

  • To drive traffic to a website, social media channel or physical location

  • To stay on budget: prizes are determined up front so there’s no worry about escalating sponsor costs

  • To reinforce product/service features and benefits through themed sweepstakes and prize tie-ins

  • To entice consumers with hard-to-get prizes: leveraging existing sponsors opens the door to bigger and better prizes


Like sweepstakes, contests also generate buzz and awareness. Unlike sweepstakes, however, contests can require a purchase as part of the entry process. Additionally, contests are judged based on a degree of skill or uniqueness, whereas sweepstakes are games of chance. As such, you may receive fewer entries for a contest, but your entrants will be significantly more engaged with the contest itself—and with your brand.

Why Run a Contest?

  • To engage your customer base: fewer will enter, but those that do will be invested

  • To spread the word: your engaged followers will spread the word for you, especially through social channels

  • To reinforce your brand attributes: your customers’ photos, videos and essays highlighting your product’s/service’s strengths speak volumes

  • To elicit user-generated content that can then be used in future promotions

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