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Watch, Vote & Share 2015 Super Bowl Ads on YouTube’s Ad Blitz

January 27, 2015 12:46 am Published by

The Seattle Seahawks managed to get back in the game this past Sunday and beat the Green Bay Packers in overtime — after being behind for much of the entire game. So that means they’re again headed to the Super Bowl. They play against the New England Patriots, who beat the Indianapolis Colts in a no game in the rain, 45-7. However there is an issue whether the game balls were intentionally deflated. Not that the NFL needed one more problem to add to their worries this season. The League is investigating whether the Patriots actually deflated balls to make them easier to grip in the heavy rain. But the game will go on in Arizona on February 1 as planned!

My home town of Rochester, NY won the Hyped for Halftime Contest and instead of watching the Patriots hammer the Colts, many people here enjoyed a free connect downtown sponsored by Pepsi. The concert featured hip-hop duo Nico & Vinz known for their hit “Am I Wrong”. It also included a special appearance from the Buffalo Bills brand new head coach, Rex Ryan, and their rookie of the year wide receiver, Sammy Watkins. There was also small, private meet-and-greet sessions with these celebrities that people could win through radio giveaways or select cans of Pepsi that were being dispensed from the free vending machines. See this huge Pepsi display in the entrance of our East Ave. Wegmans store. I tried to get a free can from this one, but it was empty!

YouTube’s AdBlitz is back for another year, allowing people to view and choose their favorite campaigns from Super Bowl ads. This year the site will live stream their own halftime show. So instead of watching Katy Perry’s Halftime Show from the stadium, viewers can turn to YouTube where they will feature more than 20 YouTube creators and musicians including Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time, Freddie Wong, Rhett & Link, and Toby Turner, among others.

At the conclusion of the Super Bowl game, viewers are invited to cast their vote on the site for their favorite Super Bowl commercials. Voting will last a week, ending on Feb. 9, and then the winners will be revealed. The site also will have a post-game content gallery where advertisers can continue the conversation with their viewers by providing behind-the-scenes footage of their Super Bowl spot.

Last year Budweiser was considered to have “won” the TV ad game with its “Puppy Love” spot, despite the fact that it didn’t air until the last minutes of a blowout game. But Budweiser had posted the ad on YouTube a week in advance and it spread. So Budweiser plans to do the same this year with three ads, including a sequel to “Puppy Love.” Can’t wait for that.

The spot generated over 54 million online views and over 2.6 million social interactions. To compare, that’s twice the number of online views and five times the social interaction rate of the second-ranking spot, the Jaguar “Rendezvous” campaign — which also had significant pre-game buildup.

We now continue down the Road to the Super Bowl and have a week and a half to get further hyped for the game. Honestly I don’t really care who wins this Super Bowl game, but I will be watching nonetheless.

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