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Denver Nuggets are in the NBA Playoffs and RMHD has 3 signed Jerseys to Giveaway

April 17, 2019 1:26 pm Published by

The first round of the 2019 NBA Playoffs started on Saturday, April 14. Each team from both the Eastern and the Western Conference will play the best out of seven games in order to see who moves on to the semi-finals. Now I’m not a huge NBA fan, but I do know some things about basketball. The Denver Nuggets are one of the teams in the Western Conference that has made the playoffs and we are assisting one of our clients, Real World Marketing, with a sweepstakes for the Rocky Mountain Honda Dealers Association (RMHD) for their Denver Nuggets Signed Jersey Giveaway.

Here’s how this Giveaway works. Fans from Colorado can enter for a chance to win a signed jersey either on the RMHD’s Facebook page or their Instagram page. They then must find the post on either page that refers to the giveaway and comment on the post by answering the following two questions:

Question #1: How many games will this best of seven series with the Denver Nuggets go? Question #2: What will be the total score of the final game in this series? However, If the Denver Nuggets lose a game and are out of the playoffs at any time during the Sweepstakes Periods the two questions that the fans will then need to answer will change to include Denver Nuggets related trivia questions instead. Fans have to enter both questions correctly to be entered into the drawing.

The Denver Nuggets are matched up with the San Antonio Spurs for this first round. They played their first game on Saturday and lost to the Spurs 101-96. However they won their second game on Tuesday, 114 – 105 with quite the comeback. So the series is currently tied 1 – 1. The next game is scheduled for Thursday, April 18, in which the teams will travel to San Antonio.

Now this sweepstakes actually has three entry periods. The first entry period started on April 13 and ends on April 28 to cover Round 1. The next entry period runs May 2-12 to cover the semifinals and the last entry period runs May 14-26 covering the finals. So if the Nuggets stay in it the two questions will remain the same for each period. But if they lose and are out of the playoffs they change to Denver Nuggets trivia questions. Fans that enter both questions correctly during each entry period will receive an entry into the drawing for that entry period. At the end of each entry period a random drawing will be conducted to determine the winner of the jersey. A total of three signed jerseys will be awarded.

Last year we started working with RealWorld Marketing, an advertising and marketing agency firm that focuses solely on Acura and Honda. They currently work with over 20 Honda and Acura associations throughout the U.S. and provide marketing and advertising services exclusively to these association with the goal to help increase Acura and Honda sales. This promotion is a fun way for the RMHD to capitalize on their sponsorship of the Denver Nuggets.

So may be best teams make it to the next round! Enjoy the games and in the meantime I would like to wish everyone a very happy Easter weekend as well.

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