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Shonda Rhimes partners with Pilot Pen on the $50,000 Overachievers Grant Contest

July 27, 2016 12:38 pm Published by

Shonda Rhimes has recently partnered with Pilot Pen to promote their G2 pen. Shonda is the writer and producer of such famous TV shows such as Scandal, Gray’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder and The Catch.  She has also been described as a role model, a game changer and in one word, an overachiever. She is now helping Pilot Pen celebrate the ultimate overachievers with the G2 Overachievers Grant Contest.

G2-ContestTo help these overachievers reach their full potential, a $50,000 grant will be awarded to help enhance the reach of ordinary heroes who give back to their community in unique and impactful ways along with additional G2 overachievers prizes. The grant will recognize and celebrate an everyday overachiever who is changing the world through selfless purpose and through acts that go above and beyond their everyday nine-to-five duties, truly to help make the world a better place.

Entrants need to submit a handwritten story describing what they or someone they know did to be a difference maker. They should share where it happened, how it worked, who it impacted and why it mattered. There is a 1000 word maximum for each entry and entrants can submit their story by scanning or taking a picture and uploading to the entry page, or they can mail it to an address that’s included on the website in the Official rules.

Shonda-Rhimes“At Pilot we believe that, a pen is not just a writing instrument, it’s a powerful tool of self expression. Our G2 is not only America’s # selling pen, it is the pen that overachievers like Shonda Rhimes naturally gravitate toward,” said Ariann Langsam Director of Marketing at Pilot Pen. “When we discovered Shonda actually uses a G2 to edit her scripts—a blue G2 to be exact— we knew this was a perfect partnership. Together we created the G2 Overachievers Grant, which will help overachievers to do even more extraordinary things to better the lives of others.”

Story submissions will be accepted up until October 31. After that a panel of judges chosen by Pilot pen will review all the stories and select 21 Finalists based on the following criteria: 1) Specific action that improved other’s lives; 2) Measurable difference, based on the magnitude of people impacted; 3) Attained a measurable difference; 4) Resourced (by the individual); the nominee should have played a major role in starting the initiative that made the change; 5) Time – the over achievement must have taken place in the last 24 months.

Shondra video2Using the same judging criteria, Shonda will then review all the confirmed Finalists to determine the Grand Prize winner of the $50,000 grant. The 20 Contest Finalists not selected as the Grand Prize Winner will receive a G2 Overachiever Kit valued at $100. ”

The Pilot G2 Overachievers Grant is the perfect opportunity to celebrate those hardworking individuals striving to make a real difference in other’s lives,” said Shonda Rhimes. “I use the G2 almost every day to help craft stories that bring happiness to fans, so it gives me joy to be part of rewarding those who are positively impacting their communities through the Overachievers program!” You can view a short video of Shonda describing her partnership with Pilot began by clicking on this “Change the World” image.

Pilot pen is promoting this on their Facebook page and with the hashtag #DoYouG2.

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  • Lanora C Pope says:

    My daughter is my overachiever her name is Samona Young she’s 29yrs old she served in the marine and she is a mother of 4 children and have a set of twin girl’s how just started school for the first time in there life’s, she is a stay at home mom she has achieved a lot in her time on this earthy earth and for her country she served, and also to me and her sister in when we had no where to live at that time in my need, she lives in a 3 bedroom2bath trailer in Jacksonville, nc with all of us 8 people a little crowed but we are happy, sometimes it can loud and scearming with the kids and sometime my daughter needs a big break and I do to because I look after them when ever time or day she wants me to and my youngest watches them too,I just want the best for her( samona) and I would like to honer her in this way she is my hero my best daughter ever! Her moma LaNora

    • Donna DeClemente says:


      If you want to register for the contest you have to input this information on the registration page. Just follow the link to the contest page on the blog post to do this. We cannot accept entries through this blog.
      Thanks for your interest.

  • Blaze LaBoon says:

    Hello! I accidentally came across this link and am very sad I missed the deadline! Is there a future contest coming up? I created a Make the World Dance Challenge to promote unity that I hope Shonda Rhimes would be interested in. I actually mailed out a fan letter to her today. Have a great day!

    • Donna DeClemente says:

      Sorry, but we aren’t aware of any future contests that would involve Shonda Rimes. Good luck with your promotion.

  • Felicia Wilson says:

    Hi Donna,my name is Felicia Wilson.I am contacting you regarding my handwritten submission regarding the overachievers grant. I’m checking to see if your panel received my submission and how long the entire process would take. Thank you, for your time.

    Felicia Wilson

    • Donna DeClemente says:

      There were over 600 handwritten entries and we did not acknowledge to any of the entrants that their submission was received. It is now over and the judges are reviewing all the entries. The judging period is now till December 30. At that time they will announce the finalists. Good luck to you.

  • Sylvia Rosenberger says:

    I submitted my son, Joseph Stephen Rosenberger (22 years old) as an overachiever, way before the contest ended, but he nor I have heard back letting us know if you indeed received his submission. When I submitted it, I did receive a notice that moment that it had been received. I can’t seem to find the dates on the website when you were going to start elimination process – I just told him the other day that I did for him. He wasn’t aware. I told him because I put his email as a contact and not mine.
    Is there someway that we can know for sure that his registration was accepted?

    • Donna DeClemente says:

      Hello Sylvia,
      There were over 600 handwritten entries and we did not acknowledge to any of the entrants that their submission was received. It is now over and the judges are reviewing all the entries. The judging period is now till December 30. At that time they will announce the finalists. Good luck to you.

  • Sylvia Rosenberger says:

    Oh wonderful, thank you for replying.
    You made my day! I will forward this info to my son, Joseph Stephen Rosenberger, whom I’m submitted as a overachiever.

  • Mary Jones says:

    Great idea for overachievers. We are an elite crazy group but in a good way. Planning on entering my story

  • Donna DeClemente says:

    Yes there is a 2017 G2 grand. Here is the website.

  • Gail S Cato-Pratt says:

    Dear Donna,
    I’m looking for a part-time job and would love to respond to the pool of applicants who are interesting in the contest.
    If you ever get tired of responding or need a break, please let me work for you. I have a Masters in English and I and I enjoy writing notes, letters and making comments on things happening in the news.


  • Gail S Cato-Pratt says:

    Thank you, Shonda for giving us a way to showcase our
    talent. I plan on entering the contest.

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