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Scenic Train Trivia Contest from Rail Europe integrates their blog and Facebook

July 16, 2014 5:07 pm Published by

Summer is a time for vacations, holidays and travel throughout the world. Many Americans flock to Europe during this time to join the Europeans and experience the beauty and cultures of this part of the world. Our client, Rail Europe, just launched this week the first round of their Scenic Train Trivia Contest which aims to share with people the attractiveness and benefits of European train travel.

RE Scenic TrainEach round of the contest will focus on a different scenic train route in Europe. The plan is to have 8 rounds to start off.  Here’s how it works. Rail Europe will publish a post in their Scenic Train Blog Series on their blog. Each post will include information on the featured train route along with quotes from people that run the route and birds-eye views of the stunning vistas you can see while traveling on the route.

Once you read the post then you are invited to hop on over to the Rail Europe Facebook page and click on the contest tab to enter and answer the trivia question relative to that round.  Each round will be open for entries for a week once the post is published. A random drawing will be held at the end of each round from all those that entered and answered the question correctly. One lucky winner of each round will receive an iPod Touch. The contest is scheduled to launch a new round approximately every two weeks.

RE Bernia ExpressThe first round features the Swiss beauty of the Bernina Express which makes its way through the valley of Albulatal. The blog post includes an interview with Hans Amacker, Director of Rhaetian Railways’ Bernina Express. Rail Europe asked him to provide a description of his train route which he answered “The line links extremes of climate, along with various cultures and languages and never fails to impress. It includes winding switchback tunnels, the towering viaducts of the valley of Albulatal and, as you cross the Alps via the Bernina Pass, glaciers that look almost close enough to touch”.

You can read more here to find the answer to this round’s trivia question which is ‘How many meters above sea level is the train station of Ospizio Bernina?” It looks like most of our entrants have correctly answered the question so far. It’s not too difficult.

I personally am very excited about this contest because I will be experiencing train travel in Europe in a couple of weeks. My husband and I are taking a two-week vacation and will be using a Rail Europe pass to travel around to various destinations. The Eurail Select Pass we purchased gives us 8 days of rail travel throughout the countries that we will be visiting.

We are starting in Munich, Germany, and then will be traveling on some very scenic routes to Geneva, Switzerland. France is once again included in the pass after pulling out about a year ago, so our next train route will take us to Paris. From there we are flying to Dublin and will be using the Ireland train routes to take us across the county to the west side and flying home from Shannon. I invite you to come back and read my post once I return and see some of my photos. And don’t forget to try your luck at this contest!

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