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PaybyPhone app offers Summer Sweepstakes with chances to win free parking

August 24, 2016 11:44 am Published by

mobile-apps-2016A trend that we’ve seen this year is implementing sweepstakes into mobile apps. More and more apps have been developed and are being downloaded. So by incorporating a sweepstakes into an app it provides an added incentive for the person to download the app and start using it.

Yahoo’s Flurry anaytics recently showed that 90% of users time on mobile is spent on apps vs. browsers. Of course Facebook and other social media sites take up most of that time, however 10% is on “others”.

One of those “others” is the PaybyPhone App that lets consumers use Apple Pay to pay for parking. We’ve been working with the PaybyPhone Technologies team who are based out of Vancouver, Canada to help them launch the PaybyPhone Summer Sweepstakes. It kicked off on June 23 and will end soon, September 1.

Pay-by-PhoneConsumers within the U.S. who use Apple Pay to pay for parking with the PayByPhone app, where available, receive an automatic entry for a chance to win a month of free parking. There is a limit of five entries per day. We also included a mail-in option to enter without purchasing parking.

There were 10 total drawings, with two left, one of August 29 and the last one on September 5. Two winners per drawing will each receive one month of free parking, up to $250, towards their next month’s usage.

Pay-by-Phone-BeachIn the Apple App Store I searched for parking apps and many options did come up, so there definitely is some competition here. Several are specific to a location such as ParkBoston and ParkDetroit. These apps are just another way that we never need to carry any cash, or change in this case, anymore.

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