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New website, AllTheFitness.com, runs sweepstakes to gain new members

April 4, 2018 1:38 pm Published by

We recently started working with a new online company, AllTheFitness.com, that is utilizing a sweepstakes to help launch their business. They just kicked off the sweepstakes that we are administering at the end of March. They are inviting people to sign up to become an AllTheFitness.com VIP member which will automatically earn them five entries into each monthly sweepstakes drawing. The membership costs $2,95 per month and it provides members with exclusive content that includes fitness and nutrition guides. They will also have access to discounts and special offers that AllTheFitness.com will be offering with various partners just for their members. These offers will cover everything from fitness apparel, gear, equipment and more.

The sweepstakes is giving away three Concept 2 Model D Rowers, one per month at the end of April, May and June. As the sweepstakes administrators, we will randomly draw a winner about 5 days after each registration period ends. The first period runs through April 30, the second runs May 1 through May 31 and the third runs June 1 through June 30. Besides earning the five entries for each month they are a member, they may also receive bonus entries for making purchases on the AllTheFitness.com website and also by referring friends. So the company is hoping that this sweepstakes will help get the word out about their membership program. Here below is a video they created which is on YouTube and is also featured in online ads they are running.

If you’re wondering if the no purchase necessary rule for sweepstakes in the United States applies, yes it does. Anytime that you run a sweepstakes which is asking for purchase in order to gain an entry you have to offer what we call an A.M.O.E, alternate means of entry. The AMOE is explained in the full official rules which are posted on the website. For this sweepstakes we have included a mail-in address that people can mail in an envelope including their contact information. They are only allowed one entry per envelope, but in this case can send in up to 140 envelopes per registration period which is the maximum amount of entries anyone can receive. Right now we have received quite a few mail-in entries for the first period.

The Concept 2 Model D Rowers each have a retail value of $900. So that’s a pretty nice incentive to try out the membership. Members can cancel at any time and their initial five entries will still be good for that period’s drawing. So I wish AllTheFitness.com good luck in reaching their goal and either way we’ll have three lucky winners by early July.

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