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Tweet #VolvoContest During a Super Bowl Car Commercial

January 28, 2015 6:02 pm Published by

Tweet #VolvoContest during a Super Bowl Car Commercial and you could put someone in a new Volvo!

If you want to enjoy some chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday you’d better stock up on them now! The National Chicken Council says it estimates that Americans will eat 1.25 billion wings this Sunday to celebrate the Big Game. We in western New York love our chicken wings. In fact the Buffalo Bills treated the Detroit Lions to Buffalo wings to thank them for letting the Bills play a Monday night game in their stadium when Ralph Wilson Stadium was buried in snow!

The National Retail Federation says it expects 184 million fans to tune in to Super Bowl XLIX, and that the average viewer will spend $77.88 to celebrate. That adds up to $14.3 billion! That’s shows how powerful the NFL is for this economy. Let’s not have any more of this Deflate-Gate nonsense!

Volvo just announced something interesting that they’re doing this year to tap into those 184 million fans! There are many automotive brands that are running an ad during the Super Bowl 49 broadcast, but not Volvo. Instead it wants viewers to Tweet when one of their competitor’s ad is running. This promotion “The Greatest Interception Ever,” invites fans to tweet its hashtag, #VolvoContest, during other car brands’ Super Bowl commercials. This contest asks fans to nominate someone they feel deserves to win a new Volvo XC60. Volvo says it wants to focus on real people rather than its own marketing message. Check out their promotional video here:


The Who Would You Put in a Volvo? Contest details are on their promotional website www.volvointerception.com. The contest starts when the game starts, at 6:30 pm on Sunday. Once the participate see another car commercial they have to tweet using the #volvocontest hashtag and state who they would put in a brand new Volvo.

After the required Tweet is sent,  Volvo will send a Tweet back to that participant with a link to the contest’s entry form. Participant then needs to fill out and submit the entry form and include a statement identifying  who their nominee is and why they are nominating this person. Nominee statement must be no more than 75 words and nominee must be a living person in the U.S. who has a valid driver’s license and 18 years of age of older. Each participant can nominate only one person and should have that person’s permission before they nominate them.

Volvo-ContestAt the end of the contest period, which is 11:59 pm ET, a panel of judges will choose 5 potential winners based on the following criteria: (a) extent to which the Nominee demonstrates passion for the Volvo brand (10%); (b) extent to which the Nominee demonstrates generosity of spirit (30%); (c) extent to which the Nominee demonstrates how they inspire (30%) and (d) overall impression(30%).

Once the winners are verified  5  prizes will be awarded to the nominees, not the winners. Each nominee will receive a Volvo XC60 along with a $5,000 check. Total prize value is $46,205. The nominee will be responsible for all taxes, registration, insurance and title.

Now Volvo isn’t a sponsor of the NFL or Super Bowl, so they have been very careful in all their promotional communications, including the Contest Official Rules, not to mention the Super Bowl. Instead they refer to it as the “professional football championship game taking place on February 1, 2015, at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona”. I would think that the other car brands that have paid big money to run their ads (BMW, Kia, Lexus, Nissan and Mercedes-Benz) are not happy with this promotion either. You can view some of the ads that will be running here on YouTube’s AdBlitz.

I’m looking forward to watching “The Big Game” this Sunday and eating some chicken wings. Hope it’s at least a good one, not like last year’s blowout! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite ad here on AdBlitz.

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