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Running A Successful Survey Sweepstakes – Vans

July 10, 2023 2:32 pm Published by

Vans is offering an exciting opportunity for its customers to participate in their survey sweepstakes. By sharing their feedback through a survey, participants have a chance to win a digital code for a custom pair of shoes valued at $85. Over the course of 12 months, 66 winners will be chosen each month and will receive the code, via email.

There are two ways to participate in the Vans Survey Sweepstakes:

  1. Complete a transaction, including purchases or returns, at a participating Vans retail store or Vans Outlet retail store. Upon completing the transaction, customers will receive a store receipt with an invitation to take a survey. The receipt will contain a URL that customers can visit to access the survey. It’s important to complete the survey within 7 calendar days from the date of the transaction to be eligible for the sweepstakes.
  2. Visit the survey URL during the Promotion Period and follow the provided steps, non-transaction participants can receive an entry into a Sweepstakes Period. Similar to Entry Method 1, registration information will be requested to complete the entry. After finishing the survey, participants will be asked if they wish to enter the Promotion. Regardless of the survey responses, customers have the opportunity to join the sweepstakes.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Vans or just a passing customer who notices this opportunity. This sweepstakes offers a great incentive to interact with the company and express your opinions.

Running a survey sweepstakes is an effective strategy that many companies employ to gather
valuable feedback from their customers while simultaneously offering exciting prizes. Vans has implemented its own survey sweepstakes program that provides a compelling example of how this approach can benefit the business and its consumer base.

Valuable Customer Insights

Surveys give brands like Vans a direct line to customer feedback and allow them to learn more about various aspects of their operations, including product satisfaction, service quality, and overall customer experience. Vans can pinpoint areas for improvement, make wise business decisions, and customize their offerings to better suit customer preferences by analyzing survey responses. Overall, providing opportunities like this allows the brand to maintain an awareness of customer needs thanks to this insightful feedback loop, which results in more customer-oriented strategies.

Incentivizing Participation

The ability to provide incentives to encourage participation is also a main advantage of running a survey sweepstakes. Customers of Vans have the chance to enter the contest and could win a digital code for a pair of custom shoes worth $85 if they complete the survey. This enticing incentive encourages clients to take the time to provide feedback and raises the overall response rate. This will ensure a bigger and more diverse pool of data for Vans to analyze.

Building Brand Loyalty & Long-Term Engagement

The survey sweepstakes encourages customer brand loyalty by providing an exclusive chance to win a unique pair of Vans shoes. The possibility of winning a coveted prize strengthens the bond between the company and its customers and fosters a favorable impression of Vans. Additionally, by giving Vans more time, the extended timeline ensures ongoing customer interaction and engagement.

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