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Promotional Games: Boost Your Charity or Non-Profit’s Reach

April 12, 2023 8:51 am Published by

Get your community excited and involved in supporting your charity or non-profit organization by hosting a promotional game! This innovative advertising approach is a fun and engaging way to drive awareness and participation for your organization.

Promotional Games Explained

In order to increase sales, promotional games allow players to compete with other entrants, where victory depends, at least in part, on luck. Drawings, open competitions, and games meant to promote sales are all referred to as promotional games.

Promotional games are an interactive way for an organization to engage with its community, raise awareness for a cause, and encourage donations, making them a valuable tool for non-profits and charities in particular to promote their mission and drive support.

Providing Hope VA’s “Lawn King the Third” game is a great example of a successful promotional game. This company is a non-profit organization that assists first responders and veterans who suffer from PTSD, as well as first responders. The entrants were limited to current members in good standing and previous donors to the organization. Seven prizes were awarded to the game winners, with multiple prizes and additional cash prizes.

With the assistance of American Sweeps, Providing Hope VA created a promotional game of chance for its members who choose to donate to their cause. After donating, they received a game code via email. After a set total of 2,400 game pieces were available and were offered while supplies lasted. As expected, the promotion sold out within 4-6 hours, & live drawing was later held to announce the winners. Providing Hope VA continues to host these games or sweepstakes on a monthly basis, as it continuously proves to be an effective promotional strategy for their organization.

The Benefits of Running a Promotional Game

The specific benefits of running a promotional game over other options are as follows:

  1. Pre-Set Odds of Winning – In contrast to sweepstakes, entrants who decide to participate in a promotional game are able to know their odds of winning. In the case described above, the odds of winning the first or second prize were 1/2400, and the third prize odds were 1/480. This lets entrants know the probability of winning each prize before entering the game. An appealing aspect to many potential entrants!
  2. Increased Media Opportunities – Besides having the chance to publicize your promotional game and announce the enticing prizes to be won, you also generate more excitement around the grand prize. The promotional game outcome announcement is a fantastic opportunity to capture promotional photos, acquire a comment or testimonial from the winner, and more because a component of chance is involved.
  3. Expand Your Organizations Community – In running these promotional games, organizations get the opportunity to offer a diverse range of prizes to their community members, effectively getting the attention of consumers with various interests. Offering a classic car as a grand prize for one game, then the newest model of a pickup truck the next will appeal to a diverse range of potential participants!

Why Run a Promotional Game

Promotional games frequently have a smaller audience since they are more personal. As there are a limited number of entries, these games often allow you to focus on a smaller audience. This sort of promotion would especially benefit charities and non-profit organizations, by offering these games only to members and incentivizing individuals to become a part of the community!

American Sweepstakes for Promotional Games

Ready to launch your promotional game? Let American Sweeps handle the administrative support. Our seasoned experts ensure all aspects of your promotional games will be taken care of, so you can focus on running a successful promotion for your organization.

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