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Exploring The Strategy: Sandals and Beaches Social Media Contest

December 29, 2023 9:41 am Published by

Companies are always looking for new and exciting ways to interact with their audience, increase brand awareness, and foster customer loyalty in the broad realm of social media promotions. A great example of a well-executed strategy that not only draws in the target audience but also offers strategic advantages to the sponsor, Unique Travel Corp., is the Sandals and Beaches Social Media Contest.


The Promotion

The Sandals and Beaches Social Media Contest is tailored exclusively for travel advisors in the United States. This unique opportunity invites participants to submit a 30-second video on Instagram, promoting Sandals or Beaches Resorts with the theme #SellsSandalsSaintVincentContest. Beyond the chance to win a 6-day/5-night all-inclusive vacation, this contest fosters a community of travel enthusiasts. This will be an opportunity for travel agents to showcase expertise, connect with peers, and contribute to the evolving landscape of travel marketing. The submission period spans from January 2 to February 29. The period for judging is from March 1 to March 8.


The Marketing Strategy

Let’s examine the strategic benefits this social media contest offers and its nuances:

Targeted Engagement with Travel Advisors

By designing a social media contest specifically for this demographic, the sponsor guarantees that participants will not only be excited about the Sandals and Beaches Resorts brand but will also have the ability to impact their clients’ travel choices. A sense of community and loyalty are fostered by focused engagement, which also strengthens the relationship between the sponsor and the travel advisor.

Increased Brand Exposure on Social Media

Through utilizing the targeted hashtags and account mentions, the sponsor skillfully leverages user-generated content to organically expand the brand’s audience on social media platforms.

Content Creation and User-Generation

The entry requirements encourage travel advisors to showcase their creativity in crafting compelling videos. This not only generates a pool of diverse and authentic content for the brand, but also serves as a valuable resource for future marketing campaigns. User-generated content is a potent tool to build trust with potential consumers.

Strengthening Brand Recognition

The sponsor increases the perceived value of the brand by providing alluring prizes, like an “all-inclusive” 6-day/5-night vacation. Winners become ambassadors for the brand with their first-hand experiences. This, in turn, contributes to increased recognition and positive associations with the brand name.

Compliance and Legality

In addition to guaranteeing legal compliance, the contest’s comprehensive official rules shield the brand from any problems. A contest with clearly defined eligibility requirements, submission guidelines, and judging criteria lowers the possibility of disputes or controversies. The sponsor’s dedication to moral and legal behavior is demonstrated by this methodical approach.


Sandals & Beaches Social Media Contest is a great example of a clever marketing campaign that goes beyond simple participation . Through audience targeting, utilizing social media platforms like instagram, and encouraging user-generated content, the competition sets up Unique Travel Corp. for long-term success in the travel industry. The strategic advantages spread throughout the digital sphere as the travel advisors set off on their creative adventure, benefiting the sponsor as well as the community.


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