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It’s a win, win with Laura’s Lean Beef 60 Day Challenge

March 2, 2016 1:49 pm Published by

The Laura’s Lean Beef 60 Day Challenge is offering a win, win for all who decide to participate. We’re assisting the Laura’s Lean Beef (LLB) team with the administration of this unique promotion that just launched yesterday, March 1, and is running till April 29. LLB is motivating people to hop on the fitness bandwagon with the goal of a healthier you with the incentive to win some great prizes.

Laura's Lean Beef WinThe timing of the promotion ties nicely into their new website that LLB recently launched. They are promoting this 60 Day Challenge on their home page as well as their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Here’s how it works:

First, participants need to create an account. They can use their Facebook profile or email address, assign a username and password and upload an optional profile photo. They can also connect the account to their Fitbit which will record their daily activity from there if they choose. LLB-60 day_challenge images-01

Once the account is created, they then need to start a challenge by clicking on the “Start a Challenge Button” and choosing one of the four challenges: water, nutrition, sleep or steps. Participants can interact with others who have joined the 60 Day Challenge community. They can publish updates on how they are doing by uploading photos, videos, text or use their Fitbit.

Participants are encouraged to log-in once a day to receive another entry into the sweepstakes part of the challenge. They have a chance to win one of the weekly prizes, which is a $10 LLB voucher, and several other prizes that will be awarded at the end of the challenge by a random drawing from all entries.

LLB-PrizesTwo Grand Prize winners will each receive a large Big Green Egg® barbecue cooker that includes an EGG® Nest®, EGG Mate®, a 10# bag of charcoal, a box of charcoal starters, a grill gripper and an ash tool along with a LLB branded grill kit and a $50 LLB voucher. Two Second Place winners will each receive a fitness package that includes a Fit Bit Charge, a gym bag, a water bottle, a pair of socks, headphones and a $25 LLB voucher. Three Third Place winners will each receive a similar fitness package, without the Fit Bit Charge and only a $10 LLB voucher. 100 Fourth Place winners get a $10 LLB voucher. Total prize pool value is over $4,600.

After day one there are already many participants who have created accounts and logged in with their updates. The team at Laura’s Lean Beef understand that people have a tough time making smart decisions about their health and wellness. Uncertainty about what to eat and how much to exercise can create obstacles that can delay a person’s health and wellness goals before they even get started. So they felt it was important to support consumers along their health and wellness journey with this fun and motivating challenge.

So it’s not too late to join the challenge yourself and follow along with others. Remember the LLB promotion slogan which is #FoodLoveBalance.

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