Consumer & Fraud Alert

American Sweepstakes Company is a nationally recognized third-party administrator of sweepstakes and contests for companies and agencies.

We do not run any sweepstakes under the American Sweepstakes name. If you’ve been notified that you’re a winner of such a promotion, YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED. Criminals illegally use our name and logo to deceive consumers, and there are thousands of victims of this kind of fraud every year.

Sweepstakes winners are never required to pay anything before receiving a prize, and taxes are paid directly to the IRS after receipt of winnings. If you’ve been asked to send money in any way in order to claim your prize, IT IS A SCAM. DO NOT SEND MONEY.

Alert IconIf you are the victim of such a scam, we unfortunately cannot assist you in any way. Please report the incident to your local police, your state’s Attorney General, or the Federal Trade Commission at or